Lightspeed FAQs

Getting the Most Out Of Lightspeed

Installation Recommendations:

How long do most installations of Lightspeed take?
Most Lightspeed installations take between 20 and 30 hours of uninterrupted time.
So how many days does it take?
Expect 5 or 6 half- to full-day sessions. Some people prefer to work in shorter phone sessions.
What can I do to ensure we have uninterrupted time for training?
Schedule key staff (managers) to be present to learn during training. Also schedule extra front-of-house staff to reduce interruptions.
What can I do to get the most out of our time together?
Write down your questions as you think of them. We want to get all of your questions answered during our time together. Be sure to take screen shots (Shift + Command + 4).
What should I do when things come up after you leave?
During and after the initial install, please write down and call us with your ongoing questions. When encountering issues, we probably have a more efficient solution! Don't forget to take screen shots – Shift + Command + 4.

Consulting/Training Preparations:

When should I have Lightspeed up and running?
The best time to have Lightspeed up and running is before inventory arrives, ideally before ordering inventory.
What about networking, accounting, and web design?
Decide early who will handle your bookkeeping/accounting, who will be designing/installing your computer network, as well as webstore, hosting, and design.
What about credit card integration?
Prepare by getting multiple quotes.
What can I do to make the process easier?
Keep your eye on the prize – make sure you have easy access to your data and management tools.
Help! I have an emergency!!
Don't worry! If you've purchased Lightspeed Support, remember that part of what you've paid for is the ability to call Lightspeed directly with your questions, problems, and emergencies (they do happen from time to time!). Call (866)-932-1801 or visit

Other Questions:

I want to host my own e-commerce solution. What should I do?

For more information on how Lightspeed can help you create an eCommerce solution, please visit

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