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Wooden Stone Consulting brings business sense and expertise to your small and mid-sized businesses. We exist to help you make better business decisions, faster. Talk to us today about how we can help your operate your business to it's fullest potential.

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Discover your business venture's potential as we help you think through Business Process Workflows, Retail Financial Reporting and more!

Lightspeed POS

Whether you are a small retail shop, or a restaurant, make your point-of-sale transactions seamless with through the power of Lightspeed's incredible software.

Power Computing Solutions

Powerful businesses need powerful support, and that's why we've partnered with prompt, personal, authorized Mac sales and support, and we can recommend powerful PC solutions for you every need.

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Introducing Lightspeed POS

We believe Lightspeed is the best point-of-sale software on the planet. It's what we built our business on. And we believe it can help transform your daily business transactions from headache to highlight! So why not give it a whirl? For 14 days, try and see if Lightspeed is everything we say it is. It won't cost you a dime.

What Others Are Saying

The Bag Lady

The longer we have Lightspeed, the more I use the best-selling and lowest-selling reports, sales for consignments and sales for events or departments. I wish we had [installed Lightspeed] before our old system became unstable.


Everything went very smoothly because of the knowledgeable help and training provided by Drew and Dusten.

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